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Invention of the knitting machine


In January 1656, King Louis XIV of France granted Jean-André a privilege to the French, granting him a place in the west of Paris.
Neuilly of the Ministry established a factory for the production of stockings, blouses and other silk fabrics to supply the royal family. Andre's Factory.
In addition to the stocking loom invented by the British William Lee, some more advanced machines were specially built.
Can only knit socks, and can knit clothes. This machine is built according to the drawings drawn by Andre. People are beginning to be suspicious of these machines.

The function of the device, but Andre went his own way. While producing, he also selected 20 workers for training, specializing in training.
Trained in new machine technology, these workers soon knitted finer and more uniform silk blouses on the new machine. this
The new machine was the knitting machine, which was used throughout the 18th century to make monochromatic silk products. Later, there are many people on this kind of knitting.
Machines were improved, such as the British Jieji Astroud's weave system, that is, "double knitting": 1764.1781, Maury.
It has successively invented the locking device and the "pineapple tissue" loom.

Post time: Jul-19-2022